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A new version of Zelda API is up!

Deliton Junior

Deliton Junior

Zelda API Author

A new release!

Hello everyone! It's been a while that I don't give the attention this project deserves. So I worked on several improvements to make this API faster, more reliable and with more features.

GraphQL is here

GraphQL is an open-source data query and manipulation language created by Facebook in 2015. It provides a more efficient and scalable way to access and update data compared to traditional REST API endpoints.

GraphQL allows clients to specify the exact data they need from servers, reducing the number of requests and bandwidth needed. Servers can also batch multiple queries into a single request, improving performance. You can get started by visiting https://zelda.fanapis.com/api/graphql and play around with the data.

CORS is now open

There's no reason having our API calls blocked by CORS, so now every site should be able to directly make calls to this API.

What's New?

  • GraphQL endpoints
  • CORS will no longer be an issue
  • GraphQL Testing Sandbox
  • Improved performance
  • Documentation rewrite
  • Zelda API data made public.
  • Anyone can deploy it and get it working just like this repository does.
  • Changed main domain to zelda.fanapis.com (zelda-api.apius.cc will still be supported)
  • Code improvements
  • Upgrade to NodeJS 14x
  • Upgrade to NextJS 12